My Sisterhood Story~ Fiona Broomfield

My name is Fiona Broomfield and I am a rising junior at Auburn University studying chemistry with a

premed focus. Originally, I am from Lakeland, Florida, which is just outside of Tampa. I have two loving parents and three younger siblings. Coming from a relatively small town, I feel that I shared a deep connection with the friends I had grown up with and as we rose through first middle school and then high school together. There was the impending doom that we would all be leaving each other to go to different colleges. The idea terrified me; these people were my support system. I was even more scared when I decided to come to Auburn because I only knew two people here from my hometown. Going through recruitment was the first situation I was able to put myself out there and naturally I found myself trying to find people that were similar to my friends from home. Immediately, Pi Phi stuck out to me. The girls in the chapter were all so genuine and actually interested in what I had to say leading to real conversations. On sisterhood round, I met my big Kathleen Moore. She was definitely the driving force in why I ended up choosing Pi Phi because of how accepted she made me feel from the very first conversation we had. Since this day, I have loved every part of Pi Phi. This place is an environment that takes away my stress. When I am having a hard week, I can always count on the people there to cheer me up and take my mind off the inevitable stress of school. I can't imagine what my college experience would be without Pi Beta Phi.