Exec Spotlight~ Carlye Grandy

Carlye Grandy is a rising junior from Spring Hill, Tennessee. Apart from being personable, genuine and kind to her sisters, she is the Vice President of Membership Development here at Pi Beta Phi. Her

major is Biomedical Sciences, Pre-Med and she is minoring in psychology. Carlye hopes to be a pediatric neurosurgeon because once she took AP Psychology, in high school, she was fascinated by the brain and everything about it. Being a pediatric doctor has always been a dream of Carlye's. Since she have been so blessed in her life, she feels like it’s important for her to help others in any way she can. Carlye feels that being a doctor is a way for her to contribute back to the community. She shadowed at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital last summer and it really opened her eyes to the amount of people out there that she could be helping. It’s not just about being able to say she's a doctor or the money, it’s about truly changing or saving someone’s life if she has the chance to do so. Carlye has wanted to be on exec in Pi Phi because she has always looked up to the women on exec from the first day she walked into Pi Phi. To some people they seemed scary but to her they were just people who had the guts to be in charge of a sorority at Auburn University. When learning about all of the different exec positions, VPMD stood out to her because the old VPMD was so passionate about helping Pi Phi as a whole and each individual excelling academically. School has always been such a huge part of Carlye's life, she has always pushed herself to succeed in school and she wanted to be able to influence other women to do the same. Carlye also get to do Leading With Values presentations as VPMD which helps her remind Pi Phi’s why they joined in the first place. The values that the women in Pi Phi she met during recruitment had were what stood out to her and made her want to be a part of this sorority. This position has taught Carlye how to be more patient and understanding towards others. She has learned that you may not always know everyone’s circumstances and you have to show them some love and empathy when they need it most. Carlye thinks that these lessons will carry over really well into her career choice so she is glad she was able to learn them now instead of later. She hopes to leave a legacy of hard working women who take pride in their academics and stand strong in their values. Carlye wants her Pi Phi sisters and others to understand that your education is something no one can take away from you and you should always try to be your best self whether that’s in school or just in life. The sister's here at Pi Phi are so lucky to have someone as determined and inspiring as Carlye to help motivate them academically and personally in their everyday college life. We can't wait to see what the next semester has to offer under the amazing leadership.