Angel of the Week~ Emma Hopkins

Rising sophomore, Emma Hopkins is from a small-town, kind of inside Decatur, AL called Priceville.

She is a pre-pharmacy major with a minor in human development and family studies. Her dream is to be a pediatric pharmacist at a children’s hospital. When Emma is home she works at a small retail pharmacy that has helped her realize that being a pediatric pharmacist is what she truly wants to do! Three things Emma couldn't live without would be her planner, coffee, and her bible. She have always been OCD and one of her pet peeves is being late, so her planner has became my best friend since college. With classes, study sessions, club meetings, and every sort of event to imagine, her planner helps keep her sane so she can see everything that she has to do. Coffee might be a basic one, but if she don’t have it at the start of her morning her whole day is a mess. It keeps her wide awake while she studies, and in a good mood for everything else. Reading her bible is how she starts her morning every day — along with a cup of coffee. It gives her a bright perspective on her day and helps her learn new things that hopefully she can help others with throughout her day. If Emma could describe herself in three words it would be passionate, extroverted, and independent. She would choose passionate because she tries to not spread herself to thin in all of the things she is involved in. She truly wants everything she does to be the best, and is willing to work incredibly hard to achieve that. Emma would choose extroverted because she loves to talk to people. One of her favorite things is meeting new people, even if it is just talking to someone in line at Chick-Fil-A or in the elevator in the Haley Center, she feels that you never know how you can make someone’s day just by talking to them, or maybe they could make yours too. Finally she would choose independent because she likes being able to take care of her own self and then also everyone around her. Her mom always has said she could have been living on my own since she was 9 if her mom would have let her. She loves knowing that her sisters are there for her all the time, but she also wants them to always know that she is there for them as well. At Auburn, during her freshman year Emma was involved in programs such as Spring Up and Emerge which are two of Auburn’s freshman leadership programs. She is also a member of the pre-pharmacy club and athletic recruiters, which is what used to be called “Tigerettes.” As an athletic recruiter, she will host the football recruits on all of their visits to Auburn and show them all of the great things about Auburn and the football team. Emma has already got to work the A-Day game for athletic recruiters, and she had so much fun. She is so excited for this football season to be able to share her love for Auburn football with these recruits so that they can fall in love with it too. Emma recently accepted a job at the campus recreation center to be a part of their membership team. This job will allow her to give tours of Auburn's incredible rec center, sign people up for memberships at the rec, and greet everyone as they come in to work out at this awesome facility. Pi Beta Phi stuck out to Emma the whole week during recruitment, mainly because when she walked in she didn’t feel as if she had to put on a show. She felt she could be herself, and that all of the girls in Pi Phi were truly being themselves too. The one word that came to her mind about Pi Beta Phi throughout the whole week was “genuine.” Emma feels that the word can be so cliché to hear the whole week, but is so true about every single girl in Pi Phi. She feels each girl is so unique, and that they aren’t afraid to be themselves around you. She describes the sisters in Pi Phi as having so much fun any time we are together, and that we take each of our unique personalities to make up an amazing, crazy, spunky, fun, and GENUINE family.