Heavenly Highlight~ Brooke Miller

Meet our rising senior, Brooke Miller majoring in Nutrition/Dietetics! Along with Pi Phi, she has also been involved in a few other things during her time at Auburn. One of her favorite things that she's been involved within college is volunteering with the sports dietitians to help keep the university athletes properly fueled before, during, and after their workouts. She gets to work in the field house and make smoothies and snacks for the athletes to ensure that they are getting adequate nutrients and staying healthy. She has had so much fun getting to work with the athletes and sports dietitians these past few semesters.She is also a part of the Auburn Nutrition Team where she gets to volunteer with the campus dietitians to make sure everything runs smoothly in the wellness office. In addition to her involvement on campus, Brooke has been able to do mission work in Costa Rica and Haiti.

Getting involved with things in her major and on campus has helped Brooke to broaden her horizon and get to know people who are interested in the same things as her! Brooke is an excellent example of our values of philanthropic service to others and personal and intellectual growth. We are so proud of Brooke for being incredibly dedicated to the Auburn community and to people all around the world!