Exec Spotlight~ Ally Colton

Ally Colton is someone her sisters would describe as caring , sweet, and dependable.

These traits are what make her such a great Vice President of Communications here at Pi Beta Phi. As a rising junior from Brentwood Tennessee, Ally is an Early Childhood education major with a minor in Human Development. She grew up wanting to be a teacher but has recently realized that she is extremely passionate about teaching kindergarten. What makes her so passionate about teaching kindergarten is that she loves the idea of having kids who still enjoy school and want to learn. Kindergarten is the first time students are full time in school, which means the teacher is the first to mold the kid's minds and the first to show the kids how fun learning is. For the past few summers Ally has enjoyed working at an all-girls Christian camp in North Carolina called Camp Greystone. This summer is her first summer stepping away from the camp and instead she is working at a Christian gymnastics gym called Let it Shine. At the gym Ally is coaching Preschoolers and working their summer camp. It was hard for her not to return to Greystone but she is looking forward to working at Let it Shine as it is a fun, new opportunity that will help her grow in her faith and herself. Let it Shine is all about being a family and a team while spreading God's love to all and she hopes she can take what she learns from Let it Shine and apply it to her position as VPC. When she first join Pi Beta Phi, Ally never thought she would hold any type of leadership position. She always thought it was too out of reach but seeing the girls who held a position and how much they impacted the sorority, she knew instantly she needed to at least try and see if she could possibly be a part of that. Her position as VPC allows her to work closely to Auburn Panhellenic which means every other week she is either attending a Panhellenic council meeting or a meeting with every sorority's delegate. Ally wanted to do VPC because she really wanted to be a part of something bigger and show not only other sororities how great Pi Phi is but also all Auburn organizations. She believes there is such a negative light on Greek life in the world right now and being a Panhellenic delegate has given her a chance to shine a light on how truly great Greek life is. Ally's goal as VPC from day one was always to stay positive and make sure all her sisters felt loved. Reflecting on her past semester as VPC, Ally recalls it was hard at times to stay positive when things didn’t go her way or problems came up, but she really pushed herself to always have a smile on her face no matter how bad her day had been. She wanted to be a person who was welcoming to her sisters. With the first semester with her position behind her, she learned that it wasn't ever about her but about making Pi Phi the best it can be and a place for members to come together. She has learned through her position and being a member, that it doesn’t matter how involved you are on campus at Auburn, it doesn’t matter how many events you attend, and it doesn’t matter what position you may hold in Pi Phi, Pi Beta Phi will love you and accept you because you are a sister and we are all about sisterhood. Pi Beta Phi is about giving girls a home away from home. The legacy she hopes to leave after serving as VPC is that there is always a way to make sisters feel loved and to give them any opportunity to be the best member they can. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive especially with the stress of college and it is so easy to get wrapped up in your own world but being a part of exec means you are a smiling face for members to feel like they can always go to. She tries to go into each week remembering that we are a sisterhood and are there to build each other up and never tear one another down. She hopes that she can be all of that for her sisters and can leave that behind when her term ends. The sister's at Pi Beta Phi are lucky to have such a great role model and leader to look up to and share a friendship with and we can't wait to see what the rest of the semester brings Ally as VPC.